The thing about commercial appliances


Juicing machines are used to extract juice from fruits and vegetables. Juicing machines have recently become more popular as juicing has become a massive diet trend. Juicing machines not only squeeze the juice from the fruit or vegetable pulp they also retain all the important nutrients within the fruit or vegetable. Most consumers own a small home appliance juicer. However, there are more powerful commercial juicers on the market which will appeal to the health-conscious mind in you.

One of the best commercial juicers according to a review done on Cold Press Juicers is the Champion Juicer G5-PG710, this commercial juicer has the capacity to handle both high volume usage and regular usage. It has been vetted as one of the best by over 300 consumers who believe that this Champion juicer is one of the best Cold Press commercial juicers on the market. The main reason this commercial juicer has received such rave reviews is for its versatility, it can be used both in a home setting and or in a business, meaning it can also be used for mass production.

However, just because you love juicing, it does not necessarily mean you have to purchase a commercial juicer for your home. Before you decide on a commercial juicer, you may want to ask yourself, how much do you actually love juicing? A commercial juicer is not for the occasional social juicers, commercial juicers are for the “die hard” juicers.

So, what are the benefits of a commercial juicer? Well for one a commercial juicer is guaranteed to get you more juice in less time, this would be an ideal juicer for a juice bar and or a smoothie bar. More juice in less time equals to more profit.

Commercial juicers are manufactured to be efficient, fast and durable, which also means they are pricier. A more expensive price tag is not always a bad thing because in this case you purchase a juicer that will not break or get damaged easily like a small home juicer which is bound to break faster. There is nothing worse than collecting a broken appliance museum in your kitchen. Sometimes it is just better to bite the bullet and get an appliance that will last a life-time or at least half a lifetime.

Your decision on what type of a juicer to get is all dependent on your intention, if you are a juice lover and it is something you do frequently then a commercial juicer is the appliance for you as it allows you to make as much juice as you desire whilst being durable enough not to break because of over usage.

The great thing about commercial juicers is that they are built at a reasonable size, they are usually medium in size and can fit into a household kitchen or a commercial kitchen. Which means you can have a commercial juicer and enjoy endless juicing recipes in your very own kitchen without worrying about it taking up all the space in your kitchen.